Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend yay.....

Today I have my father coming to visit, for the twins birthday :-). Chico was pretty good last night, made noise for about 5 or so minutes when first put to bed and the odd time through the night, was trying to tell me she wanted to play and at 6am she was rearing to go..... so got her up fed her, played with her for about an hour and a half, and now she is knackered..... will be fun trying to toilet train her outside in the rain..... she has been a naughty we thing with wee wee's I put her outside stay out there for about 10 minutes or longer, come in and pees on the rug...... ggggggrrrrrrrr, but she has done poo poo's outside now twice. I am sure it wont take to long with the wee wees lol. Oh and this morning taught her how to go up and down the steps, so once she is fully toilet trained outside, I will then hope she will follow Biscuit and  do them in the proper area :-). 

Anyway a few pics of Chico playing with her toy..... oh yeah and Biscuit even played a bit with her this morning, about a whole 2 minutes lol.  

Blondie: Yip have tried the paper but she still would do it on the rug, at least it is a small rug we can dispose off when trained...... she will get there will keep persevering lol.  I have spoken to a friend of mine who is a vet nurse and has heaps of experience and she said to keep putting her outside as soon as she has done the wee, which is what we are doing..... she will learn and I would say quick as she is not dumb lol... 

Well Dad has gone, have had lots of fun playing with Chico, she is so much more confident  as each day goes on :-).  She even did 1 wee wee outside today lol, I think she was wondering why she was getting so much praise for lol. 

Yay we are making progress 2 wee wees outside today :-), and 2/2 poos outside :-)


  1. That red thing on her head looks like a headband in the photo AN early riser how nice!!! Hope she gets the wee wee thing sorted have you thought about putting paper down in an area where she can pee on? say close to door then out the door then on the grass etc...

  2. she looks so happy
    Hope your party goes well.
    Mary H

  3. Hee hee... do you have newspaper around too? Remember she is used to going on the paper...

    She sure looks so cute ... can't imagine why? lol