Tuesday, October 18, 2011


And they have put Coronation Street on at 5.30pm, I love that program, and they are saying they are going to edit it for that time slot..... and why are they doing it, cause of stupid Australian Masterchief, and besides most people know who wins it anyway...... how ridiculous. It better go back to the 7.30pm time slot in 3 weeks when the finals of Masterchief finishes.

Have been for my 1.2K walk, thought I would do it early while there was a dry spot in the weather. Still feel bloody miserable though, wish this head cold would just go..... did 1.2 K's in 16.09 minutes, slow and steady will win the race lol - I rejoined WW today online, so am of to have my shower and weigh in.

Weighed in, not good but it s a start...... have just made fresh fruit salad yummmmm. One thing I love is that summer fruits are starting to come in that are not from the USA.... still a bit expensive though. 

So far have been on track, am just going to focus on one day at a time, or even one hour at a time. 

Had my menu all planned and David came home and offered us Indian, lucky I have had not much to eat today, so had plenty of points to have it.
Our afternoon was interesting, Biscuit did a runner and Steph was chasing her in her PJ,s down the streets, and of course the more she chased Biscuit the more Biscuit ran lol...... Anyway she texted me when she was in the park, I go to find her and it is all muddy, could not find her arsed over in the mud, hurt my hand and ankle, then got a phonecall from her dad she had lost her cellphone (she could not remember my number lol). I still could not find her finally got a txt from her cellphone found, and Biscuit caught..... Meanwhile Chris was trying to find her on his bike, all home now and showered...... The pain is slowly going now in my wrist and ankle and David is out getting dinner, this whole fiasco took about an hour, got home in time for Coronation Street lol.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are not getting any better bt great news that you still went out for a walk. Exercising when you really don't feel like it is a sure indicator of how serious you are about doing it !!!!
    Have a great day !

  2. Oh god that's so what you don;t need an ARSE over in the mud please be careful!!!