Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Kids are not going to school today, they are tired..... and last night I hit exhaustion, I think the walks, the drive and just CRPS all hit me as well as walking around the markets...... I went to bed with the shivers, slept 12+ hours and feel much better this morning.....

Yesterday we went to the Gypsy Fair (Not the original one, but to be honest I thought this one was better ), purchased nothing, we were broke lol..... but did see a lovely mirror which would have been perfect for the toilet but decided against it, I said next year we will get it.... it was very tiny - the gypsy fair that is, we then to the museum for a cup of coffee.....

Today I have my psychologist appointment, and thats it, may go for a walk tonight, if I feel up to it - I am listening to my body and with last night, I just have to take things easy for a day and re-energize. 

We are having a change of medication, well the same one but just adjusting it to have one at lunchtime rather than have them all morning and nights. Hoping that may help the lightheadedness. So am spreading it more out through the day...... cross fingers that will help.


  1. I hope that you find some relief by changing the timing of your meds - good luck !

    It is great that you are listening to your body - when we do this better, it behaves better (I think anyway !!!)

  2. We used to go to the gypsy fair in Palmy whenever it came to town. It was small too.
    I hope the meds change helps with the lightheadedness.

  3. Hey, hope you're feeling better today and the meds change help..

    Anne :)