Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend is nearly here....

Man she is active, yes Chico..... what a full on pup. Right now she is running around and around the lounge/dinning room. Poor Biscuit I think has had enough lol...... Biscuit goes outside to relax in the sun and who is right behind her Chico of course.....
Butter would not melt in her mouth, looking at the picture below....... but her 1 naughty thing is if I forget to wee wee her outside and the door is open and she has been playing outside, she comes in and does a wee wee and then goes outside again ggggggrrrrrrr...... she brings in every leaf she must find lol..... Having said that for the odd negative thing I am so enjoying having her here and she makes me laugh with her antics....
My Tens machine arrived today - yay that means I can give the hand therapist her one back.... and I up my meds on Sunday, so should be interesting how the pain goes after that, the pain is certainly a lot less so am crossing fingers it continues to work and there might be a chance I might just get back to work at some stage. 

Kids are off to Auckland tomorrow to their dads for about a week. 

Life just might be looking up :-)


  1. oh how cute Chico is and yes butter wouldnt melt in her mouth.

  2. Try putting some newspaper OUTSIDE for her to wee on. It's what she is used to.... also if she wee's inside dip the newspaper in it first before putting it outside, so it's got the wee smell on it. Then she might just go wee's on the paper outside!

  3. Oh and spray a weak solution of vinegar and water on the places where she has wee'd inside... that might stop her doing it there again.