Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another day.....

Today in New Zealand we have our elections, I know who I am voting for and I am not telling but I will say it is not who is in government now. In fact in New Zealand there is a whole media ban on parties today as well as places like Facebook, twitter, message boards etc.... You are not allowed to mention any party.

Anyway after that David and I will go out for a coffee, and a drive not to far though as tomorrow we have Hamilton, speaking of Hamilton, tomorrow I am meeting a lady Rebecca who also has CRPS. Am looking forward to having the kids home, will be nice company, next week have a busy week though with appointments.


  1. There were some definate positives in last few posts Liz has the Accidentally Overweight book hope the wind isn't too bad up your way.

  2. Hey Jax! Hope you're well, have been thinking about you heaps. I read you're letter you wrote to your loved ones. It was so beautifully written, and clarified a lot for me.

    Hope you have a wonderful day x

  3. Whoops! I told the world I was voting for National... I can do that though.. it's just not allowed to show Logos, or do any sort of 'electioneering'... and I didn't do that.
    I hope this weeks goes well.