Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hamilton Zoo.....

Chico after playing in the leaves..... and sticky ones at that .......

And we did get to the Hamilton Zoo... and it was hot and it was BORING!!!!!!! most animals could not even be found...... and some that we could see were so bloody far away I would have needed binoculars to see them ankle did not hold out well, and probably one place I would never go back to in a hurry. Anyway a few pictures of what we did see.......

See told you we did not see much...... anyway was nice to go out and see, kinda.... but could think of better places to visit much closer... :-). 

Today not sure what I will be doing, will be resting to recoup from yesterday, am going to research foods that are good for CRPS, and also going to work on my movement plan. 

Will weigh in today, will be interesting to see how the weigh ins go as all the meds that I have been on are bad for weight gain...... I am so thinking of not going on back on meds and see how I can learn to live with the pain..... still thinking on that one and will need to talk to my specialist and hand therapist etc....

Anyway back later, oh yeah and poor Biscuit now as Miss Chico has learnt how to jump on the couch.... I really think Biscuit is over Chico now lol....

Man so much for resting, I have been sweeping the courtyard as I am sick of Miss Chico bringing in sticky leaves, then I vacuumed the leaves all up inside....done 3 loads of washing, and now I am going to rest, and yes I am sore but I can put up with the pain for now..... Still got a bit of housework left to do but it is easy stuff :-), oh and sure what happened to my weigh in update, but lost 1.5 kilos this week and 900 grams down now on my beginning weight yay......


  1. Sorry to hear the zoo was disappointing but excellent news of your weight loss ! Keep up the good work.

  2. Way to go on the weight lose! You got some great pictures at the zoo at least. I see you were at my site when my post was half finished. Sorry by mistake I had hit the publish button, but my post is now finished.

  3. wow hasn't Chico grown!!

    Well done on the weight loss.

  4. Wow Chico is getting really fluffy. almost time to get her groomed for summer.
    Zoos... yet, boring I agree!