Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am .........

Today I am feeling so tired, not sure why, even just having a shower was a mission, everything is sore..... maybe it is the increase in meds kicking in who knows, could be one of a number of things lol.

Have a doctors appointment later today to get my depo, every 3 months I worry that getting it will cause the CRPS to spread but it takes away the horrific period pains I was getting so for now I will persevere. Yes something as simple as a needle injection can cause spreading.

Tonight I think will be an easy dinner..... Not much else happening a bit of washing, tomorrow have my psychologist, Friday did have my pain doctor but he has changed it to Tuesday now, so next Tuesday have a busy day with hand therapist, pain specialist, and my case conference.....

Not much else to report for now....


  1. Another alternative to getting the depo injection is to get a Mirena IUD. This will take away your period entirely and eliminate all pain!! I had one for five years and it was brilliant.

  2. Easy dinner for us tonight too...hope your're feeling better soon. [[hugs]]

  3. My daughter has crps and a Mirena. Every since the mirena, she has had an increase in the symptoms of the crps....a much worse case. Getting this thing removed.