Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I like it....

After spending two days looking for a template I liked, I finally have found one and now like the look of my blog..... nice and relaxing :-).

I have added pages to take some of the stuff of the sidebar away, so now it does not look so busy..... I have yet to finish off those pages but they will do for now. 

Today has been a funny sort of day, quite emotional at the psychologists, a lot of thinking about the future, plans for the future, and just life in general, which I will talk about another time when things are more clearer in my head. 

Have been thinking a bit about what I need to do to lose weight and how I can do some exercise without causing a flare up......

Anyway thats it for today, think I am done on the computer for now..... catch you tomorrow with some plans hopefully :-) 

Forgot to mention, yesterday I put up the Christmas Tree, only the smaller one cause Chcio would have to much fun with the bigger one, yes I know it is early for most people, but not me lol.......


  1. I think that your new look is lovely - definitely nice and relaxing.

    I hope you feel better soon !

    Take care.

  2. Nice look to the blog :)

    About food - I was listening to a podcast today from a lady who had injured her leg and had a painful condition as a result. Ultimately they told her that she would need amputation! She went low carb/paleo and is completely well. There really something in wheat that agrivates and inflames so it is worth a serious go. Also, most people do say that there is no need to exercise (much) until the body is healthier on low carb. Just a thought. Gentle is better until your health is better.

  3. Love the new look. It's very serene!

    I bet chico would still love to eat a little christmas tree:)

  4. Nice new template.
    I put our Christmas tree up on a coffee table when the dogs were pups so they didn't ruin it!