Friday, November 11, 2011

It must be nearly the weekend......

Not that it really matters, as David is working tomorrow morning and Sunday we are off to Hamilton to meet the ex to drop the kids of for about a week I think. After drop off David and I are hoping to have a look around the Hamilton Zoo as it has been many years since I have been there, and I will get to wear my sunhat.

Last night I had the most crappiest sleep, I knew it would be crappy but not that crappy, I kept waking up with pain..... BUT the good news is that though I am tired and sore this morning I feel human :-).
Yesterday I went for 2 walks with Chico, I can't take Biscuit cause she is to big and strong and hurts my arm, but Steph takes her most days :-).

Today not much happening again - the story of my life, will take Miss Chico for at least 2 walks if not 3. Dinner is easy tonight, being a Friday night it is cook for yourself night :-).

Have just taken Miss Chico for her second walk, so we have walked 1km all up, we average 500m a walk, and trust me that is plenty long enough for me and the pain, my ankles are both swollen and sore and both arms are sore, but hey at least I am alert lol..... Time to rest up for an hour with the tens machine and panadol :-)

Fark if I am not in lala land then I am in grumpy land...... And we are only week 1 of the holidays with like 11 weeks to go.....

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  1. Hope you enjoy Hamilton zoo - it's been ages since we went to the zoo.

    I love cook for yourself nights - the best !!!!

    Take care and have a great weekend !

  2. I can't believe the kids have that long off! We used to get 6 weeks!