Monday, November 7, 2011


Yes surprise surprise I have gained again this week, in fact I am up 700 grams from where I started....:-(. I am going to track again today and go for a walk tonight, and then if I don't succeed I will try and try again......until it does work, I am not feeling very hopeful today for tracking, but I will try......

If the walks don't work then I am going to try the pool, and keep trying different things until I find some exercise that I can do without causing a flare up.... Maybe an Exercycle at home, will price them up today. Or maybe I will set up my own program at home of doing squats and lunges and getting the stepper out and doing some steps. Certainly a much cheaper option.

My study at Massey as been approved, so depending on how things go with the CRPS will determine how much study I do.

I am feeling really tired and feel like crap, I am down and over CRPS, my weight, the side effects from the meds and everything else.

I have my hand therapist this morning.

But yes the but, I know deep down I have no choice but to keep persevering until the day it all works and everything false into place.

I have spoken to my hand therapist and we have come up with an exercise plan well if you can call it exercise lol......I know small steps :-). So this is the plan, take Chico for 4 small walks a day like 5 minutes, do the step up, even if I only do 10 steps at a time, then do some squats and lunges.... I will play it day by day with how much I do, so that's the plan for tomorrow. I know it won't work up a sweat or anything but I have to start somewhere......

My hand therapist, is having surgery tomorrow and won't be back till next year :-(, so have the other hand therapist now. I am sure she will be fine.
I am still really lightheaded and feel like I am drunk so am going to relax for the rest of the day apart from a little housework and dinner tonight will be an easy one.

I have set myself a goal, it is 60 weeks till 2013 so my goal is to lose 38 kilos which is about 600 grams a week (I think, can not find the calculator) I can do this with CRPS and all... Not that I feel very motivated right now, but tomorrow is a new day.... Just you wait and see.

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  1. I hope you manage to find what will work for you - there is nothing more frustrating. I need to find out what I can change - last year I loss 26kgs in 6 months on L&E. Now I am doing L&E and exercising more than I did last year and the weight just isn't coming off - I don't know what to do anymore. I am off to the osteo tomorrow and so will have a chat to him to see what he can recommend.

    Have a great day !

  2. Trust me - tracking and going low calorie just will not work. You need a total life change. If you have broadband, watch the latest video on my blog (Robert Lustig) - he explains why you can't lose weight when you are insulin resistant. Up to you but it really works but you really need to be ready to change :)