Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nearly the weekend.......

Yesterday's eating was my first at low carb, felt like I was eating heaps, well probably was - am sure though that will change as my body adjusts to low carb. This morning I had yummy bacon and eggs, free range of course :-). Last night for dinner I had chicken and salad, tonight am not sure what will be for dinner.

Yesterday the pain was still really bad, can not understand why as I am not walking or doing anything to trigger a flare up, maybe it is just part and parcel of the CRPS. Today I am resting and putting the tens machine on and will see what happens tonight. So today will be really boring watching the TV..... May even watch a movie.

Have been looking at study again, I am thinking of doing a Bachelor of Health Science - majoring in Rehab. I think I might be able to use some of my Bachelor of Social Work papers, I am beginning to think I may never be able to go back to work in the supermarket again... Still thinking about it all.

Oh my god, this heat is not doing my CRPS any good, I am so itchy I can't scratch it cause it will become real sore as the skin is not normal, the pain is nearly having me in tears, if this continues, I am going to contact my pain doctor. I am over it.......

Anyway onto other things I enrolled in the papers for my course, and if by some miracle I am back at work by then, then I can review it. If I am not back at work it will get my brain working again..... Hopefully by then the med side effects will be over as well, as the semester does not start until Feb. 2012.

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  1. Make sure you have lots of "allowable" foods in the house. Basically anything without wheat, sugar etc. You hunger will go after awhile. Make sure you do have lots of vegetables/salad etc as that fills you up. I also make cheese sauce for cauliflower and bake it - things like that make me feel like I am having a really yummy meal. Also don't forget strawberries with some cream. If you are not having the carbs then the cream will aid the weight loss.

  2. Good luck with your new eating plan - here's to lots of success !

  3. All the best with the new eating plan.

    Hope the pain eases for you soon too xx

  4. One more thought about your eating. If you just cut wheat and nothing else (obviously don't eat rubbish and suger etc) but wheat is known to cause inflamation so yes, perhaps this would help with your condition. The book wheatbelly goes into great detail about the effects of wheat on auto immune conditions.

    Don't make it so hard you will give up. It took years to gain the weight so concentrate of permanent changes for the better.

  5. Good luck with the low carb, it worked well for me.
    I love the Tauranga photos, made me want to go there!
    I am on 2 X 25 mg amitriptylene tablets at night, one hour before bedtime, they sure help me sleep... and probably help with on/off depression I get too.

  6. Good for you for doing study. Are you planning on doing that fulltime or doing it extramurrally.

    Have a super weekend. Great to see the sun aye.