Friday, November 25, 2011

A new day.....

Am feeling heaps better today, think my body is adjusting to the meds.... Well am hoping anyway. Having said that had a crap sleep, but not like I have a busy day ahead that I can not catch up on my sleep throughout the day :-). If I feel up to it am hoping to get out for a small walk tonight, and when I say small I mean small like 10 minutes or so.

Have been thinking of hobbies that I can do, not really succeeding with ideas, would like to look at something that maybe I can on sell to make a bit of money.

The kids are coming home on Sunday yay, am looking forward to that, I think they are here till boxing day which will be good, I have missed them and even think the puppies have missed them, also, I know Biscuit has cause she sleeps with Steph in her room. I think this Sunday I am meeting another lady with CRPS in Hamilton, looking forward to that as well.

Oh well might go and start my book well my mind is focused :-)

Bloody hell all I have done today is prepared the mince for Tacos for dinner and now I am so sore and shaking and burning up, I have all the doors open, fans on I am so dreading summer.... I have been in tears cause of the pain, I hate this f**kin CRPS I am sure I have said this just recently. The meds are making me drowsy, but the positive I have 2 gorgeous puppies with me.... Am going to go my wrist is sore typing this up.

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  1. Glad you are feeling heaps better today - long may it continue.

    Have a great weekend !