Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organic Food

I am knackered...... I have just finished cleaning the house and it has knocked me, then had a cool shower cause I was burning thanks CRPS. And now I am relaxing and in my PJ's watching some crap on TV. David is working late tonight so dinner will be late but it is an easy dinner :-).

I have been researching a lot yesterday about foods and exercise for CRPS, they have this diet called "The 4 F's Diet" it is far to strict for me and would not work for me, the one thing I kept reading though was about how eating as much organic as possible is the way to go. I found this Organic shop in Rotorua, well when I say found it, found it on the net yet to check it out. I know Organic food is more expensive but I think it is worth it. There is this place in Tauranga that sells a good variety of Organic meat, and there is this butcher here in Rotorua that sells a bit of Organic meat so planning will be essential. I already use Organic Eggs and Milk and will get some Organic yougurt for my smoothies I am planning to have for breakfast.
As for exercise, well walking seems to be the one they push and gentle walking and regular smaller walks rather than a large one.... They do not recommend strength training or weight training for 1 particular area... That's about all I found so far... Will keep researching.

I think this Sunday we might being going to Whakatane for a drive, I think they have a farmers market there Sunday morning, so am hoping we will get there in time to check it out.

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  1. Organic food can be expensive but if you get fruit & veg from Farmers Markets it helps. The best organic yoghurt is Clearwater, I don't know if you can get it there but it is fantastic.

    I must confess I am not convinced organics are alwsys better but the more good quality fruit & veg & meat the better.