Friday, November 4, 2011

Roll on weekend.......

What a busy morning, cleaning, changing sheets etc..... I know I will pay for it this afternoon, but that's ok I have a clean house lol. I am less sore in the morning hence why I do it first thing.

On Sunday we have my aunty and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary lunch, in Hamilton, Saturday not sure what we are doing probably not a lot, David is working in the morning, and think I will rest up for Sunday.

Food yesterday was not a success low carb wise thanks to the lollies in the pantry begging to be eaten..... Oh well a new day today, I don't expect to be perfect from day 1 :-)

I really am wondering about this whole food thing, I need to knuckle down and sort out some sort of healthy eating program, have stuffed up today already with the low carbs, maybe Weight Watchers is the way for me...... I just don't know. Anyway time to go and get the kids, I refuse to pay $65 for a buss pass for a week or so of school, so am picking them up, and school finishes on Monday.

Tonight for dinner we are having pancakes - yip carbs lol.

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  1. Lol, I've just seen Coro St is returning to prime time viewing. That'll make you happy.

  2. Do you summer school holidays start already?

    I love pancakes with a fried egg. They go perfectly together. You could even have a sweet topping on one for dessert!