Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seagull plops.....

Last night it was nice and cool, and we had cleaned out the freezer and found heaps of old bread so we decided to go and feed the seagulls and geese at the lake. Well Chris and David fed, I took some pics, till one lovely seagull decided to do a lovely plop right on the camera......yukkkk!!!!!!!!!

Am not feeling to bad with my med increase, does not seem to be making much difference with the pain at this stage, was loving the weather yesterday especially the morning when it was coolish and today does not seem so bad yet. 

Today not much planned as per usual lol, going to get a few groceries just may even do some housework for something a bit different and well will just have to wait and see you never know what the day just might bring..... oh and good news looks like the pain specialist will definitely be going to the case conference next week yay :-). 

Well I think the meds are starting to affect the appetite, did I mention that they help with weightloss, cause I am not nearly as hungry as I have been while on the other meds....pain wise not making much of a difference in fact not making any difference I don't think at this stage, but cause side effects are not to bad will keep going. Today has been quite nice as it has been quite cool, when I mean quite nice not meaning pain wise just meaning emotional wise I suppose. May even go for a small walk later tonight if it is not raining and the mozzies are not out in full force with CRPS I can not afford for the little buggers to bite me.
Dinner is easy tonight, homemade hamburgers, I will have them without the bun for no real reason except that I am not that hungry.....


  1. Bet the dogs would have had fun with thoses seagills
    Mary H

  2. Phew. You're brave - all those seagulls. Knowing my luck it wouldn't be the camera that pooped on - it would be me.