Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So far so good.....

Well so far the meds are not doing anything nasty to me, but then again I only started them last night. The positives it will help to lose weight as apparently it leaves a nasty metallic taste with food yay.... :-), also after doing some research they say not to do a high protein, low carb diet on these meds as it can increase the chance of kidney stones so there goes that for now.
Today not much happening, got groceries this morning so that in case the meds knocked me around I would not need to drive, also have silverside in the crockpot so dinner pretty much sorted.
Oh well not much else to say so may be back later if I find something inspirational to say :-)

I am so bored and so lonely, I am burning up from the CRPS, I am sore from the f**kin CRPS, I am feeling lightheaded already from the meds and am hating what I am reading from the side effects from these meds....hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones and won't get to bad a side effects. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.... I want to go to a gym, I can't, I want to walk I can't, I want to work, I can't, life sucks sometimes. The only good thing is I have not felt like eating today, suppose that's a bonus....


  1. You don't have to do high protein, low carb to lose weight. If you reduce carbs to around 100g a day. I don't do high protein at all. You only need to reduce your carbs enough to curb your appetite. Really, what is worse... diabetes, heart disease, etc... or a risk of kidney stones? I'd take the weight loss with added health benefits any day :)

  2. Well matey I hope these meds DO work. It's about time something worked out right in your favour.

    This week is shot for me - so how about next Tuesday for lunch if you want????

  3. It must be horrible to be in such pain, I feel really bad for you. I hope they can sort out some medication that works for you.