Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today I have my psychologist, then I am hoping to get out for some more small walks with Chico, and maybe do some squats, I have to start at 5 squats, seems pathetic but I have to remember I am not the same person as this time last year.

Yesterday took Chico for some small walks, she loves the lead now even without Biscuit leading lol. This week I am going to focus on moving, I am not calling it exercise at this stage, because I have to remember it is all about keeping moving.

Just took Miss Chico for a small walk without Biscuit, she loved it... Want to get another 3 small walks in today - oh and not to forget my 5 squats :-)

Have made a somewhat huge decision, I have emailed my pain doctor, and asked to come of the meds, or at least reduce them, I am over feeling like a zombie all day, besides I am still getting pain anyway. I know that this will mean I will have more pain and I will need to use a wheelchair and crutches for longer and bigger outings, but at least I will feel human again and not feel like I am now..... I hate this feeling. I will still keep on the amitriptline for sleep at night...... I am over feeling like I am drunk all the time..... Like now, was going to take Chico for her walk, but right now I can hardly walk straight in the house yet alone the footpath with all sorts of obstacles. I hope he agrees with me I am sure he will......

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  1. I bet Chico is getting big and looks so cute on the lead.

  2. You go girl Pics please
    Mary H

  3. Small steps, small steps. Just do what you can manage without pushing yourself too much.
    Have a great day !

  4. Well done, baby steps doing what you can, when you can.

  5. A little dog like Chico can only take little steps so that's a blessing for you then, surely the doctors don't expect you to life under those conditions light headness, drunk feeling and nauseous? keep plodding away at them...