Saturday, November 12, 2011

The weekend.....

This morning has been a mixture of ups and somewhat downs..... The downs being some withdrawal symptoms from the meds, the positive I know it is only temporary........the positives I am no longer constipated from the meds, though I am in pain, I am still with it and can actually focus on the future, whatever that may be, today I got my hair cut, wanted to go shorter but because I still had some red in it, we kept it slightly longer..... And when I get it chopped next will go shorter.... So basically it is just a tidy up...... But I feel heaps better with the cut, I am having serious issues with myself at the moment. Oh and not sure if you remember that last week, I was so pissed off cause I had no shoes to fit cause of the swelling..... Well today I found a somewhat ok pair of jandals they are scholl orthaheal....

If they are good, then I may order a pair in a different color, for that price for just a pair of jandals they better be good.

Tomorrow we are off to Hamilton, to meet the ex to drop the kids off, and then all going well and I am feeling ok will go check out the Hamilton Zoo, where I can wear my cool sunhat I purchased the other week, and my new jandals, now if only I had some clothes to fit lol.....

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  1. I hope the weather is nice for you tomorrow. The jandals look nice, I've seen them in the shops.

  2. orthaheel jandals and sandals arfe nice I tried a few pairs on after my foot accident just in case I neededcomfy foowear for swollen feet.