Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Never leave an umbrella up in the wind, well it wasn't up but it was in the middle thingee of the table.  Yesterday we had so much wind, the table blew over..... lucky it was an old table :-)

I did nothing after my walk yesterday I was in so much pain and have woken up crappy so not much happening today, I have my hand therapist, she is a new one cause my old one is away till the end of the year. I am sure she will be fine though lol.

Yay have an appointment with the pain specialist today, he just texted me. 

OK just got back from the pain specialist, we are trying new meds, but he is not holding his breath, he thinks I might be one of those people who possibly can not have meds due to reactions. He wants a case conference ASAP cause we need to plan where to from here, we will look at my future work wise and social wise. If the meds don't work we will need to look at a life with pain, he wants me to have a wheelchair for outings where it involves walking a distance, what will happen with work and where ACC will fit in etc etc.....


  1. It must have been very windy!

    Good luck at your appointment today.

  2. Oh no - lucky it was the old one !

    Hope you can sort something out with the pain.

    Take care !