Thursday, November 10, 2011


Heard back from my Dr and we are stopping the Pregabalin..... I will have withdrawal symptoms for a few days to a week, and I know the pain will increase, but right now I don't care...... It means I won't feel like a drunk all the time....... Have already made dinner, just to be reheated in the microwave cause I do not know how I will feel later today...I will keep up with the Panadol and the Tens Machine to help with the pain.

Ok we are at lunchtime, and have a slight headache beginning, the pain is worse, but I managed to take Chico for a small walk which there is no way n hell I could have done that yesterday especially at this time. I am feeling slightly groggy but all in all ok :-).

It is now 4pm, and not feeling to bad, pain is getting worse now as the day goes on..... Am a little groggy but all in all so far so good, at least I can walk straight and can talk ok lol - the Dr has texted me and wants an appointment sooner than the 3 week one planned.... Anyway of to rest up :-)

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  1. Hope your withdrawals aren't too severe. It's not a good choices between feeling drunk and feeling in pain!

  2. Thinking of you and hope that all goes as well as can be expected !

  3. I been thinking about you ... and how you really did enjoy riding your bike.
    Have you thought about MAYBE getting an adult trike? You would still be riding a bike, but it would be so much safer, with no chance of falling again!
    It's just a thought?

  4. Good luck with the stopping the pregabalin! I came off it earlier this year. It was quite difficult and I flared for about a month non stop, which made me consider taking the medication again. However I persisted and within a few months I was back to the same pain levels but had a lot more brain power. I had a lot of weird symptoms during the transition, feel free to drop me a message if you encounter anything weird along the way x