Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is on its way......

Yesterday we went to Hamilton to meet the ex to pick up the kids.... met at The Base a huge shopping mall..... with a HUGE Christmas Tree...... I loved it :-), it was so hot though. David in the first one, me in the second one....

I came home and was knackered, it was so hot..... did not even look at one shop did meet Rebecca and her husband, and had a cup of coffee there and that was it. At least today is cooler have upped my meds today so am hoping it wont affect me to much. 

Bugger me, the place the used to groom our Millie before she passed away is not taking on new doggies as they are so busy, so will have to find a new place for Miss Chico, there is a new grooming place opening up in Rotorua on the 3rd December will give them a buzz and see how they are..... Oh yeah also have my case conference next week Tuesday am hoping the important people like my pain doctor, hand therapist and psychologist can all attend, will also be meeting my new case worker for ACC that day as well.

I am loving Christmas especially this year as we are not traveling and we are only going to be the four of us so no huge cooking feast.... I am not into the whole Christian side of things as I'm a non believer I just love the whole atmosphere :-).

Oh and if you look at the photos above you can tell who takes the better photos me of course, I got the whole tree in :-)


  1. LOL at who takes better photos - sounds like our family !!!

    I'm with you on a no fuss Christmas - only going to be the three of us and my folks - LOVELY !!!

    Have a great day !

  2. Like you, Christmas is a no fuss one this year.... yaaaa!
    We are having Xmas dinner at my SIL's for the first time ever. I don't have to cook!
    Love that.

  3. Love the tree Good someone has been clipping a LOT!
    Mary H