Monday, November 21, 2011

Yesterday we went to Whakatane for a drive, and basically it was drive thanks to CRPS, and not being on pain meds, got out the car a few times and relaxed but no walking on the beach etc etc...... anyway first photo - self explanatory - Miss Chico, who is going to get a haircut in a couple of weeks, must ring and book her in as they seem to have a waiting list of a couple of weeks. 

My darling husband climbing the rocks....
A segull yeah exciting I know lol.....
David and I at a lookout on the way to Ohope.
Future life savers in training
Makatu where we had lunch
An expensive but quite cute cafe.... nice that is right by the beach....
My lunch
David's lunch.....
Anyway the day was lovely and I did not get to tired as I paced myself........ today not much planned, am going to do my 3 small walks, and a bit of housework and thats about it, I think.

Just did my walk and did 1.2k in 13.09 minutes averaging 12.56 mins/km. Ideally I would love to be able to do 3 walks of about 1km each... 2 without Chico and one with Chico....... which will be slower as we have to stop and sniff everything, so may make that my last walk at night as that will be when my pain is worse.... my ankle is already sore from the small walk this morning. 

2nd walk done - 1.1k's in 12.56 minutes, average 12.47mins/km, not sure if I will do another walk if I do it will be with Chico and it will 700 meters to make up 3kms for today. 

OMG the second walk has done it. The pain in my arms and ankle is unbelievable, I am waiting for the panadol to kick in..... Times like this I wish I knew what I could take more than panadol..... Might take some tramadol.....

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  1. Looks like you had a great day - love all the photos !