Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ACC case conference went really well....

I am stoked, it all went well and seem to have a really nice case worker. Anyway ACC are going to get me an Exercycle for at home as I can no longer be out in the sun - thanks CRPS lol. Also they are going to pay for a wheelchair, so someone will contact me to come out and we will measure me up for a wheelchair, which I will only use for long distance walking or wheeling now in my case, or lots of standing. So that means I can go to malls again and walks along the beach, well on the boardwalk etc.......

With the bike I will be starting with only like 2-3 minutes a day maybe 4 times a day, not sure will need to talk to my physio about that. She thinks the swissball stuff I am doing is good :-).

As for work that never really got discussed as that is still way down the track for now.....

Though Weightwatchers does not have their $1 joining fee, I am still joining, I have to lose the weight I have gained if nothing else. And with the Exercycle I will be able to get some exercise in.

Finally I am excited about the future, I can get out and about again, I can do a little exercise, the pain will still be there but I am not on meds that put me in lala land so that has to be good :-). Just maybe 2012 may be my year :-).

Tomorrow I am meeting another young lady with CRPS, she lives in Taupo, anyway we are having lunch together. And no Lee-Anne I have not forgotten you I just needed to get through today.... before I made any other plans.

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  1. Thank you HippyGal for your kind words! I have just spent the last half hour catching up on your blog as I have been so busy in work! Wasn't pleased to hear you've been unwell, glad you have started to feel better. Never give up - Carol.