Thursday, December 1, 2011


I thought the abdominal pains I was getting was because I was late getting the depo, but am now thinking it is a side effect from the meds, as it is one of the side effects.....,  checked it out yesterday as it just didn't quite seem like time of month pains - and I never did get much better yesterday for whatever reason bugger me. 

This morning have the psychologist first thing, my last session unless ACC will fund some more. Tonight if it is cool we are going to the night markets for dinner, which will be nice.....

Anyway off to have a shower before I head out....

Well have just spoken to my pain doctor, and because of the abdominal pains and because I am not getting any relief from the pain he has said to stop the medication, because I have had such bad reactions to other meds he just does not want to risk me taking this med further. So we start again...... And life goes on :-)

Wish these abdominal pains would go..... Anyway have made a decision to rejoin weight watchers online again for the thousandth time, will do it online, and will join for 3 months, but won't be till Tuesday when I can afford it so 3 months will be 12 weeks so goal will be to lose 8 kilos, normally I would set myself a higher goal but because exercise is limited I have to be more realistic with my goals. I have to lose weight as the wheelchair is looking more and more likely and sooner rather than later so the more I can loose the better it will be for the poor bugger having to push me lol. Am loving this cooler weather today :-), am so hoping it wil stay like this for the night market tonight.

Mary H, at this stage I am not sure what they will fund, the reason why a wheelchair is that we can put it in a car and take it with us.


  1. Will ACC fund a mobile scooter?
    Mary H

  2. Here's hoping your tum settles down soon.
    It's mild here today too and I am loving it.

  3. No point taking that medication if it doesn't help with pain and gives you a stomach ache. Maybe the next one you try will be better!

    You are sensible not to push yourself or set unrealistic expectations.