Sunday, December 4, 2011

Miss Chico had a haircut....

We decided to take Miss Chico for a look at the new dog place, it is called Barkers Park.... in Rotorua, they have yet to set up a website but I will be highly recommending them..... anyway they loved Miss Chico and offered to clip around her eyes for free, which was nice cause she will not sit still for us..... anyway we asked if they could groom her at the same time and he said yes so we left her there, it was really cool cause we could see through the glass area where she was being done, anyway we went away for a bit came back and saw the end.... everyone was commenting how lovely she was, the groomer said for her first groom she did really well :-).

Miss Chico getting clipped around the eyes....
Miss Chico on our return

The finishing touches....
Back at home....

She loved it there found their food bowl and helped herself, they only opened up yesterday and had heaps of specials on food, was really pleased with it all and she looks so cute again now lol :-).


  1. oh chico looks cute as she certainly needed the haircut she will feel so much better for it too.

  2. She looks delightful, BUT... they needed to make her hair a bit shorter... she is going to need another groom in a month due to the heat.
    She did well though, she's looking so cute. And loved.
    Thanks for being such a good mummy to her.

  3. she's so cute :) glad she enjoyed her first grooming session..


  4. She looks oooooooooooooo cute and loved She hadnt lost her colour either
    Mary H

  5. Wow, her hair was getting so long!

    She looks adorable.

  6. That last pic could win a competition How cute is she

  7. Chico scrubs up really well after a haircut.

    Yay for results on the stomach pains. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Might try for lunch this week if you're able. Let me know what day suits and I'll try and work around it.

  8. awwww Chico is soooooo cute!