Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nearly 2012......

I have some goals and weight loss yes is one of them...... I am also going to change my blog template to something brighter and funkier if I can find the right one.....

I am still waiting on my wheelchair and Exercycle, but imagine with holidays it wont happen anytime soon :(

Have not been up to much, was in so much pain boxing day, I was vomiting and dizzy and just generally felling horrible, think I had overdone it Christmas Day and Boxing Day morning with housework.

Yesterday was still not feeling 100% but did go out for breakfast and got a few groceries and vitamins I had run out off.

Today am feeling a fraction better, not sure what the plans are as David is still asleep and will also depend on weather possibly.

So while he is sleeping I will look for a new template :)

Changed my template and am happy with it, a new template for a new year, I probably wont be back till 2012 so have an awesome new years everyone and see you next year :)

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