Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nearly the weekend.....

Steph came home last night, she is here till Boxing Day and then both the kids are off to Auckland again for about 10 days or so.

Yesterday I got measured up for the wheelchair, all going well I should get one to trial in about 2 weeks.....will be so good for longer outings.

Weight Watchers, well tracking as been a bit off, but today I actually read there web site and found this, it is their filling and healthy day, have yet to check it out properly but basically any food on their filling foods is not tracked and you eat till you are fill but not stuffed, you then get so many extra points a week for foods not on the list, might give that a go.... But will check it out properly first.

Rotorua Warehouse Stationary got burnt down today, got to thank the firefighters for being able to contain it so that the whole mall didn't go up in smoke. Not sure how to link it here on BlogPress so you will have to google it for more info lol.

Bloody cold and wet here today and suppose to continue till Sunday, pain wise have been pretty sore again the last couple of days...... Bugger it!

Just found this from a CRPS site, hope the link works..... it is awesome to learn about chronic pain. 

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  1. Got all excited with video bugger not the dogs