Monday, December 5, 2011

OMG.....I am so unbalanced.

When you have CRPS, this is all the equipment you need, well for me anyway. I am so unbalanced that it is not funny, have been doing the exercises the physio gave me on the bed but have decided to get down on the floor now with great difficulty getting up with basically haveing no arms to help me lol, anyway dragged out the swiss-ball and tried some basic balancing exercises and my god I can not beleive how bad I am, so am going to do balancing 3-4 times a day and the physio exercises twice a day on the floor. And yes in the background Miss Chico is hassling poor old Biscuit.... :-)
So that will be my focus for the next few weeks increasing the exercises and balancing, and from there god knows..... baby steps and I may not be able to walk far at the moment or do any cardio but I can work on my balance and core strengthening, got to be better than sitting in the chair all day. 

I was going to rejoin WW tomorrow but they do not currently have the $1 joining fee, so have set up my fitness pal again on my iPhone/iPad and will count calories......and see how that goes. Man it is so muggy out there today, not good for a CRPS person...... Anyway tomorrow I will give calorie counting a go and see how that goes, tomorrow will be a bit of a stressful day, I have my hand therapist, my pain specialist and my ACC case conference which I am shitting myself about.

Going to back to calorie counting, I am aiming for a loss of 500 grams a week approx, just slowly..... Exercise will be No cardio and more core work and stretching.


  1. Absolutely - my core strength improved so much once we started using the fit ball - good luck !

  2. You must get so frustrated with CRPS!

    Oh - and your puppy is a little honey:-)