Friday, December 23, 2011

Still not well.....

I am still so sore, so I am back taking tramadol, I can not handle the pain otherwise, not that it takes much pain away but every little bit helps...... And I will just put up with the dizziness..... for now. Am also wearing the splint again at night and sometimes through the day helps with the pain a bit.....

I have finished all shopping and all food is got for Christmas Day, I don't plan to go near a shop again for a while.

Not much happening here, Christmas Day here with just us and the puppies who have presents under the tree as well :). Boxing Day, the kids are going to Auckland to their dads, and David will be going to his sisters for lunch, think I will give it a miss as it will be to busy and hot proberly and I will just ruin it for him by wanting to come home early.

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  1. Sorry to hear that the pain is so bad again - I hope that you find some relief soon.

    Have a great day !

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. I'm sorry about the pain but glad you have plans and are organised.

    I do so hope you improve and have a very happy Christmas Day. It will be quite special to be together and with the two puppies.

    Things are going well here and Greg has arrived from Rotorua so we have one of our sons with us.

    I am watching my thoughts. Too easy to get sad about what is not possible and who cannot be here.