Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still on a high......

from yesterday's ACC meeting, post below if you want to know how it went. And who would ever think you could be so excited about getting a wheelchair and exercycle lol, I had looked into the exercycle but just could not afford it on ACC.

Anyway onto today, have to drop Chris's mate back home who stayed the night, get some groceries and am meeting a lady for lunch who has CRPS. Speaking of CRPS the bad news is that the dropping and the allergy I seem to have to sun - (well thats what I will call it) is part of the CRPS bugger, we were hoping it would be a med side effect.

This morning I rejoined WW for 3 months this time, my goal is to lose about 8 kilos in that 3 month period.  I want to lose as much weight as I can before the wheelchair arrives..... I can do it and now a lot of the stress is taken away cause the conference with ACC went so well, and I will be able to get out and about again once the chair arrives life will be good. 

For the first time in months I am feeling OK, not great but OK, having said that last night I took Chico for a small walk prob only about 600 meters well David walked her and I toddled along and boy was I in so much pain after...... not good but the walk was lovely well thats if you can call it a walk lol. 

Just had a yummy lunch with Kylee, and I was good with my food only had a few chips, and had chicken with some bacon, just need to work out the points for it all now. Was pretty warm out there and could feel my arms burning up as we sat outside in the shade sort off.... But a bit of sun was streaming through. I am going to do this properly this time, the WW I am talking about. Anyway have to drop Chris's mate of soon then will come home and have some more meds, this morning when I took them I got a little light headed.

Well I think I will give the tramadol a miss, was so bloody light headed and out of it on them and with the combination of the amitriptline I am not going to risk having a seizure, which is what can happen in rare cases, and because I have had so many issues with the other meds I will give it a miss....

And day 1 has been perfect with tracking even have 1 point to spare lol..... :-)

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  1. Thats a step in the right direction Moving forward with support will help no end.
    Mary H