Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday already.......

Wow 1 week today it will be Christmas....

Anyway not a lot has happened since I last posted, yesterday we went out for lunch...... then we went and got food for Christmas Day, to beat the rush and the sellout if I had left it till next Saturday.... we are just having a BBQ with some salads and ham, and some treats :) Still have to get a few things for the kids, like Telecom Top Ups, and Itunes Cards etc.... the kids main present is money. David and I are not doing presents which suit me fine. Then on Boxing day the kids will go to their dads, (we have them year about for Xmas) and David will be going to his sisters for the day, I am not sure if I will go as it will depend on if it is hot and how much pain I am on the day. I am excited about Christmas this year, with no traveling and just the four of us plus the dogs and fish lol.... I don't need all my family around on Christmas day to enjoy it, I have the 3 most important people around me and thats all that counts to me. I can relax :)

Today we were hoping to head to Taupo, but doubt that will be happening now as it is wet again, bloody hell I am sick of the rain!!!!!! so instead we will probably go out for lunch somewhere here in Rotorua, cause I promised the kids we would do something today. 

Nothing else to say I don't think, so I will catch you later :)


  1. Yep! it's raining.

    Your Christmas Day plans sound wonderful. Ours are still sorting out but sounds like 8 for festive lunch at Mum's. We will have roast lamb, mint sauce, boiled new potatoes, peas, salad and ham. Desserts will include pavlova, trifle, fruit salad, icecream and quite possible a small piece of rich Christmas pudding.


  2. Our Christmas day will be low key too...just us and the kids & grandies.
    And ohhh....I am doing the Simply Filling ww it !