Friday, December 9, 2011

Thats it....

Yes it might help a bit of the pain, but even taking one yesterday every 3 hours I was light headed and dizzy, so today zilch..... Tramadol I am talking about lol. 

Today is housework which I failed to do yesterday cause of the meds...... yip you guessed it another boring day in Jaxx's world... lol

I am not feeling well today, been dozing a lot, not sure why am not really to sore maybe it is just one of those days. Anyway I forced myself to do my stretches/exercises as my back was a little sore..... Feels slightly better now.

Nothing much else to report at this stage.. Just remembered I said I would try a vlog, maybe this weekend :-).

Just took Chico for a 10 minute walk, am sore but I know I have to keep moving.... Even just a little. Hope I don't pay for it tonight - time will tell. I can always take a tramadol at night cause it does not matter if I am out of it cause all I will be is in bed.


  1. Can relate about the Tramadol......same issues with me plus I threw up on them. No way will ever take one again LOL
    I stick to plain old panadol or panadeine if needed. Although I do find sonaflan the best as no prblems with stomach with them....I alsways take one before long car trips or flights so I can be a bit more mobile on arrival!!!
    Do hope you find something to ease the pains though.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will stay shining.....getting fed up with the ever changing weather.

  2. I loved Tramadol! It's sure better than morphine, which made me so very sick!
    Any walk, no matter how long, is better than no walk.