Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Weekend.......

Bugger another day of rain by the looks of things on the weather forecast, Rotorua has its Santa Parade today, am glad my kids are to old to go now lol. I hate crowds.....Not that Rotorua has many people really compared to when I lived in Auckland lol.

Stomach cramps are getting less and less......

Today like I said yesterday not much planned except to check out the new pet store. Hope they don't charge to much for a groom, will be even better if they have an opening special :-).

Yay the cramps have gone.... This morning went out for breakfast, was pretty disgusting actually oh well - also went to the new dog shop and booked Miss Chico in for a groom in about 2 weeks, won't be a proper one cause it is her first they will just tidy her up and get her used to it blah blah blah......

Next weekend I am hoping to get to Tauranga/Mount for a lookie, if it is not to hot and I am ok.... One thing I am getting frustrated with is that I am dropping things it is so annoying and I am not just talking the odd thing, it is many things, am not sure if it is my grip or what, also my perception is distorted, like when I am leaning against the kitchen bench, I think it is moving, now I know I am heavy but not that heavy to move it lol, but seriously it is quite freaky.....

Anyway that's it from me tonight catch you all no doubt tomorrow :-)


  1. our xmas parade is today nearly didnt happen lack of floats, Samuel at work I am resting up yay end of week and my first saturday of doing nothing.

  2. Just love your "Letter to Loved ones". It is similar to the one for Fibromyalgia. I can so relate to that letter and to what you are going through although on a lesser scale. I have Fibro :(
    Hope those tummy pains are going away and stay away and that you get to enjoy some quality time over the weekend. :)