Monday, December 12, 2011

Yesterday we went to Rainbow Springs again..... it was another cooler day so enjoyed it, we saw some baby tuatara's so cute.

Cute baby Tuatara.
A Wood Pigeon...
And a bird of some sort that was eating out of David's hand....
Anyway not many photos as I was shaking quite a bit and had blurred photos - thanks again CRPS lol.

I am really beginning to think that topical cream I am using may just be working, again I had a not quite so painful day.... still not getting to excited as it has also been cooler days which really help as well, but yesterday I walked around Rainbow Springs and again it was not bad..... as it is another cooler wet day today and it is suppose to rain all week may have to wait a bit till I can really tell.

Steph is still up in Auckland, I think she is coming home on Wednesday now not sure though. She is having a good time with her dad having some one on one time. 

I am trying to think of 3 goals to achieve for next year, my first is to lose 27.2 kilos between now and Chxristmas 2012. The other two I want to be non weight related..... I am thinking one maybe to either be back at work part time, or if not that maybe volunteering somewhere for a couple of hours a week. The third I think may be study related not sure on that one :)


  1. God when I read that I thought it said 272!!
    Set one goal having manageable pain levels the rest will follow
    Mary H

  2. I also thought it read 272! I had to up the size of me page to see the dot!
    I'm with you, I want a few challenges for next year. One being to lose 30 kilos!

  3. Me too!! I had to look twice! Great idea to set goals and yours sound realistic:-)

  4. Hey mate, if tomorrow's still okay with you for lunch I'm ok. Thurs, Friday out - last Board meetings for the year.

    I'm looking forward to the new attraction opening up at the springs in January. Should be awesome.