Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Am getting excited....

1 more sleep till the exercycle arrives...... yes I am excited I have missed doing some exercise. Today I can actually see some blue sky, maybe it wont rain to much today, this morning I have my psychologist, then a few groceries, why don't I do a big shop once a week I hear you say, well mainly for the fact that a big shop tires me out and also little shops means I am actually getting out and doing a bit of movement.  I am finding the pain getting worse again, yesterday all I did was one load of washing and cooked a basic dinner, by the time I had finished dinner I was sick as again, wanting to vomit etc.... so rested and went to bed early. Yes I could ask the kids to cook, but I want to have some independence..... I need to be doing something, else I just feel so useless.  Anyway better get in the shower and get ready for the psychologist this morning, I think this is my 2nd to last appointment with her :(. I hope ACC fund some more one day if I need it.  Yesterday food was on track again yay me......

Wheelchair should be here by end of next week yay..... cross fingers :). 

I am going to do a bit of a trial with my meds, I am going to give Gabapentin another go, it was the one I had the least side effects with and I am going to try a much lower dose and see if I can relieve some of this pain.... I am hoping it will work on the burning pain. Anyway will try it tonight and see from there, I know it is a weighT gaining drug but with WW and watching my food and having the exercycle I am really hoping I won't gain weight. So I will still be focusing on still the 600 gram a week loss. Cross fingers please...I will be watching my weight like a hawk and if I have 2 weeks in a row of gains without a good explanation, I will stop I know if I do WW properly I won't have 2 gains in a row, especially if they are huge gains.

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  1. YAY for the imminent arrival of your exercycle ! Hope it gets there soon.
    Have a great day and I hope you feel better today.