Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another day......

Today I did 13 minutes on the bike was thinking of giving it a miss as I was quite sore, but am glad I did it now.....

Today will be a quiet day as yesterday I overdid things a bit and feeling a bit tender on it all....
Apart from that not much else to say, thanks all for the birthday wishes for David and our Wedding Anniversary wishes, though we didn't do much it was still a couple of good days.

This Saturday we are dropping the kids off in Hamilton for a week to their dads, I am going to start some study when they have gone, as I have the books etc to begin. Please let my wheelchair be here so that I can have a look around the base..... maybe the phone-call will come today for a delivery time :)

Well after a couple of days of not so good eating, I am back on track, this morning I made the banana pancakes or whatever they are called for breakfast, this time I mixed the mixture with a fork rather than blending was heaps better and added a bit of maple syrup and yumm..... I am not going to dwell on the bad eating it is behind me and that's how it is at times, the scales will prob not show a loss but hey that's fine, I know where I have gone wrong. Normally I would just think stuff it and pig out the rest of the week but not this time. I am thinking of changing my weigh in to a Monday as that will make me more disciplined in the weekends, where I tend to be a bit lapse at, at the moment will think about it.


  1. Good for you on exercise. You are doing everything you can to recover and live well in spite of painful disability.

    I admire your strength and hope the wheelchair arrives quickly. It will make a huge difference to your quality of life.


  2. Good on you for keeping up the exercising, it must be frustrating knowing that you will likely be in pain after it and be very tempted to flag it altogether.

    Fingers crossed your wheelchair arrives soon.

  3. Maple syrup sounds like it would be a great addition to the pancakes.

    Hope your soreness goes away soon and it becomes not so painful for you after your exercise. You really are doing all you can!

  4. Just let me know what day suits you and I'll try and make it. Flat out at the moment working on the scholarships as NCEA came out last week.

    Hope the chair turns up - that way you can enjoy the weekend more.