Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back on the exercycle....

Went back to 13 minutes though.... discussed this with the hand therapist/physio, and have decided to do 13 minutes for 1 week and then add 1 minute, we think I was building it up quick which was causing a bit of a flare up. Oh and some good news my left hand always had a grip of 3kgs or less the last 2 times my left hand has gone up to nearly 10kgs yay......

Today not sure of the plans, David is home today and tomorrow..... still no news on the wheelchair :(.

Oh yesterday I have said I would track, but after a rethink I am going to hope all this stuff is true and cutting out potatoes and wheat will all be well, I will cut out sugar as well in a couple of weeks, having said that I think doing what I am doing a huge amount of sugar will go anyway, the trouble I have still is getting my head around the fats, yes I know the reason why you need it but after years and years of being told to go low fat it is a bit of a turn around. But I will give it 100% and it starts today..... so will weigh in today and go from there, and that also means every Tuesday when I weigh means I will go up a minute on my bike. 

Anyway catch you later, hands are getting sore :)

We are heading to Taupo today, food will be easy as I know there is a lot you can have that is low carb.... Shame I don't have the wheelchair oh well....

This morning I went out and got some of the ingredients I need for this style of eating, some stuff I am having difficulty getting but can get them online, will check it out in Taupo they may have some of them in a health food shop or Binn In if there is one there.

Catch you later might even have a photo or two. :)

We went to Taupo, got a haircut and my eyebrows done, my hair is short now and all I have to do is go blonde again as all the red is out now, so will do that with my next cut.....

Had lunch there and ordered a steak sandwich, which I didn't know was a sandwich cause I did not read the menu properly, so out it came, this toasted steak sandwich, easy problem to fix pull it apart and left the bread though it did look rather yummy, and ate the steak and salad..... then we had a bacon and egg thingee with no carbs in it.... well if any minimal as it was eggs and bacon around it..... and a yummy sauce thing on the top. 

Anyway the lake was gorgeous, really enjoyed it, though am sore now.... and even some snow on it just to make it more perfect :)

You just got to love this place, well I do anyway :)


  1. I totally understand your fears. These were my fears too - don't forget I was a fat/calorie counter for years! When you seriously think about it though, most fat you can eat is in cakes, on bread or toast etc. How much fat can you really really eat now? I little butter on some veges? A little olive oil to fry in? Seriously you will be eating less fat probably.

    I understand that this is turning all that you have known around 180 degrees and you need to trust. If you can, watch Fathead (linked to my blog today). It might ease your fears on fat. Fat actually helps you lose body fat but only in the absence of carbs.

    Good luck for day one - I promise it will get easier.

  2. I agree with Lynda.

    Don't worry too much about fats.

    I use whole milk but that's not necessary if you prefer light. I only have 1/2 cup milk a day + 1 - 2 desert spoons of plain yoghurt, again not fat free.

    The only other fats I get are whatever is in my salad dressings, cooking minimal, and meats, fish, eggs etc. I do think that it's probably wise to make sure you get the right balance of EFAs. I probably do not and I've not found an omega 3 capsules that suits me.

    The Lean For Life programme I aim for calls itself a moderate diet but it really is low carb. 20 - 100 gm carbs, low fat choices and more protein than most because the 2, 3 or 4 daily snacks are protein such as protein bar, boiled egg, 85 gm can tuna, piece of cheese or meat and so on.

    I do find that having a protein smoothie for breakfast sets me up for a good day. I'd be in trouble if I thought I needed to eliminate dairy.

    I looked at the programme and decided first and foremost to only choose foods I could enjoy. If that meant leaving out something recommended so-be-it.

    I also found after I short time I rarely had to worry about measuring anything because I was satisfied with the recommended portions and suffered few hunger pangs or cravings. The first time around it took about 6 weeks to begin to feel comfortable.

    When I want to do it properly I do need to check carb values for fruit and veg and that means weighing occasionally.

    There are quite a few low carb blogs and sites most of them confuse me although I do enjoy this blog http://carbtripper.blogspot.com/2012/01/slow-but-good.html written by Anne H. a nurse in Texas.

    One thing I do need to keep an eye on is fibre. I usually need a supplement so I take Phloe capsules based on kiwifruit.

    I think we have it fairly easy because there is an abundance of food without eating bread etc.

    All the best as you begin to work things out.

    And congratulations on the increasing strength in your hand. That must give you lots of hope for the future.

    Sorry this is such a loooong comment.


  3. You asked me about coconut flour - here is a webiste selling it and also coconut oil with is fantastic to cook with!! I see they have a small "trial" size coconut flour if you don't want the kilo bag.


    Don't go too crazy on the baking though because I'm sure the calories would add up if you hate entire cakes or pies still. I keep to pizza bases and wraps etc and even then not often. It is just nice to have those things though!!

    I agree with MargieAnne about having a protein shake for breakfast. Find a really low carb one and don't add too much milk as that is high in carbs. Add berries, half a banana, yogurt (watch the carbs in that) and cream etc.

  4. Bugger ya should have text me we could have met and got the A:rugby ball and B: had a drink water? tea? lo cal even next time.

  5. And did you go to Euphoria in Suncourt I was there at 1130am and again at 1pm !! once to drop off Samuel for work Suncourt Sushi and then again to meet Chris and Stew.

  6. I struggled a lot to get my head around the fact that fats aren't bad for us, of course it depends on the type, trans fat is pretty bad for us. I have been off grains and sugar and on fat, meat & veg for a few months now and the weight is just dropping off, so it's definitely getting easier to believe! Good luck with your changes xoxo