Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bugger Blondie.....

Just missed you, I went there for a haircut but they could not fit me in, so went to the one around the corner in the ally a little place, she was really good too. Am going back to Taupo in about 8 weeks to get it cut again and colored blonde, not sure which one I will go back to, be one or the other..... I was there for from about 12pm - 12.40pm. Bugger next time will let you know earlier when we come over. 

Speaking of hair, am thinking of dying it purply black, when I say purple I mean just a purple tinge to it, that will see me through till I go to the hairdressers again, will look today when I go to the supermarket.

No Exercycle today recouping from yesterday, will just take it easy....

Just remembered I said I would do  vlog once a month better get myself organised for this month. 

Yesterday was a perfect day food wise, have made a decision to keep my carbs to about 50g or less. 

Jumped on the scales and are down 500grams overnight yay...... also yesterday my mobility card arrived that will make life a bit easier..... just waiting on the wheelchair, if I have heard nothing by next Monday will follow it up. 

Grocery shopping done and I read every label nearly just to double check the carbs, Lynda I am only counting the bad carbs if I have any..... For now I am just checking till I feel comfortable with it all. Amazing how much difference sausages are with carbs, glad I read the labels cause the ones I normally buy we're like 3 times the others.....

Got some nice fresh fish tonight, which we will have with salad. Tomorrow night we are having free range chicken thighs wrapped with bacon and veges. Right now I am loving not counting points or calories... And I am already feeling really positive about this way of eating.

I am struggling with lunches as I don't want to eat heaps of eggs, so today I will google lunch ideas, cause I am sure if I have salads for dinner and lunch everyday I will soon get sick of it, maybe at night I should have veges more and leave the salads for lunch, anyway have all day to google :), also need to look at lunchbox ideas for David as he is joining me on this way of eating.

Well made the bacon and egg pies this morning, for a first attempt was not to bad, then for lunch we gave the LSA wrap a whirl and was pretty good.....I toasted mine with ham and cheese and David made a ham salad wrap.... Really filling, so there are the first two lunchbox ideas :), now to goggle what else there is.... The best part was that we were really full after the wrap. Thanks Lynda for all the advice :)


  1. 50g of carb or less is great for you. Don't worry too much about counting unless it is 'bad' carbs!!

    Also don't worry too much about the scales because it goes up and down a lot and I'd hate for you to get put off!! Great job yesterday.

  2. Don't forget little pies - you can put anything into them. Make them in silicon large muffin trays. The Donna Hay recipe I just made is yummo. I think it is fantastic that David is joining you!! So much easier when you both feel the fantastic effects of this.

    Lunch... make the pizza? Make the wrap? You can put stuff in the wrap and toast in like a toasted sandwich too. Hey, make two wraps and make a cheesy filling and toasted sandwich that?? Don't forget soup - vege soup is great.

    There is seriously thousands of ideas and recipes out the and when you find some great ones let me know.

    I want you to do this for many reasons but the most important (besides the fact that it works) is that it is so freeing... to not count points or obsess about quantities and to eat until you are full. No hunger. So happy you are giving this a go!!

    (OK tell me to shut up now... )

  3. cool cooljust text me one day out from appointment then I can organise something at my end, was it the suncourt hairdresser the one under the new covered in part?