Saturday, January 21, 2012

Committed for 30 days.....

I am committing 30 days to low carb eating, if I have not lost 2 kilos within this 30 days I will go back to Weight Watchers..... BUT having said that if I have not lost the weight but am feeling better then I will stay with it, so it wont all be about the numbers on the scales. I have read a few things yesterday re: low carb and listened to a few things and I think it is well worth giving it a try. I think the only issue I have is the fruit, but am still going to have it but just the lower carbs one. Have done a grocery list just need to go shopping.....

Today I am not Exercycling  cause I am going to Hamilton, I need to save all my energy for that, it looks like it will be a hot day....

Wheelchair well after all the mucking around about emails not being received, ACC blaming Enable who supply the wheelchair, and Enable blaming ACC in the end I have no idea who is to blame, but now the order form is in, BUT the wheelchair they ordered me they do not have in stock in NZ, so would have to order one from overseas, and that could take weeks, (They only have the bigger ones here in NZ in stock, thats a first being to small for something lol), anyway they have one in Palmerston North in my size, so they are waiting for the Physio who did the assessment on me to OK it and ACC to ok it, which they have if the Physio ok's it, which means hopefully it will be here next week. But after all the hassles I am not holding my breath.

David is taking a couple of days of next week, so wont be so alone after all.

Anyway my left hand is getting really sore typing this up so am going to go now....


  1. Hi - great that you will try this but just forget the scales for awhile. You will lose weight but first you must heal your metabolism. Don't worry too much about fruit right now - get rid of the wheat as this will bring the most relief to you. Sugar is the next big thing to cut. As I said, it is much more about what you can't have. Wheat includes so many foods that will be causing you trouble - pasta, cakes, bread, pies, toast, etc.

    If you read the wheatbelly blog, you will see how many people had amazing outcomes with just giving up wheat alone.

    Have a great day out :)

  2. Glad you are giving low carb a go. I hope it works for you. Obviously it's not for everyone or more would do it but it works for me. I can't wait to weigh again but must be patient. I'll be really upset if I don't see a 2 kg difference at the end of the month although I haven't been particularly strict except about wheat so far. The real bonus is the improvement in my quality of life.

    Don't be too disappointed if you have days you feel utterly terrible. It seems to take me 2 -3 months to get past all the low patches.

    ACC is just the biggest time waster and time is money not to mention quality of life for their clients. You have every right to be frustrated by their set up. Sometimes it works well between the two agencies, ACC and Enable, but most people seem to have these ridiculous muck ups sooner or later if not all the time.

    Enable is supposed to increase efficiency in delivery and be the best economical option for ACC. Sometimes it's hard to believe it does either well.

    Hope you have a really nice day in Hamilton. Last time we went to the Mall I was disappointed but the day out will be good.


  3. So happy you are going to give it a go. I do hope you feel the benefit like I have.
    Enjoy Hamilton :)
    Hugs :)