Friday, January 13, 2012


Last night after doing my second 5 minute exercycle, I had a flare up, so this morning I did a 10 minute bike ride and we will see how it goes, the ankle swelled up and am a bit sore but we will see how the day goes on but wont do another one today.  This morning I have my hand therapist/physio..... and need to pick up a couple of things from the supermarket.  The scales were up today about 600 grams, meds maybe but would have thought that would be to quick, anyway not to concerned cause I know I am doing everything right.... could be anything so am not going to stress over it, but if they keep going up will re-look at the meds. Good thing yesterday was weigh in lol.  Back later if I have something exciting to say...

Yay get my old hand therapist back next visit, not that I didn't like my new one but will be good to have Jane back, she has been off as she had surgery on her wrist before Christmas, I have now on my wrist a pretty blue sports tape and she has made me a new splint to wear at night, hopefully this won't be to hot. This will hopefully stop my wrist from seizing up through the night and me waking up having to stretch out the fingers etc........

Miss Chico is going to get groomed tomorrow, this time we will go much shorter now we know she is ok with getting her hair done. She will be so much happier and cooler and cuter :)


  1. Hi Jackie - I think you missed the point on my blog. Of course WW worked over and over, that is exactly the problem. Because we regain the weight and every time we do we become more insulin resistant (meaning it is easier to gain weight).

    With a condition like you have sugar/flour are the worst things you can eat - never mind that WW says you can have them. They cause inflammation, exactly the opposite of what you need in your body. I have done extensive reading on this and seen absolute miracle recoveries on people just like you simply by eliminating these foods.

    I know that is not for you and not the path you chose. You will find that the older you get - regardless of any medical conditon - the harder it becomes to lose weight. When I was your age the weight used to fall off but I could never keep it off. I walk about 40 km a week now and do feel exercise is important, but more for general healthy than to lose weight.

    Good luck with your new exercycle, it looks fantastic!!

  2. Love the look of that new bike. Looks like it will be comfortable :) Hope all goes well with the physio. Bugger about the meds though. I know my blood pressure ones aren't helpful weightwise but I have to take them :( Maybe one day I will be able to lower the dosage again.
    Have a lovely weekend and I hope the weather is better up your way. :)