Monday, January 30, 2012

First of some photos of yesterday......
Lake Rotorua

The Lakefront Markets

 Rotorua Lake

Ok onto not sure if I will go to Hamilton today to pick up the kids, think I might stay home and veg as the vibration of the car ride can hurt my wrist...... Here in Rotorua we have Auckland Anniversary day, so a day off for all from Taupo up....

As for the wheelchair, though it is fantastic to have a chair, I am just not happy with it, as in the way I sit, the trouble we have getting it into the boot etc.... there were two chairs for ACC to consider, I might ring the physio and ask if I can still keep this one here and trial the other one for a week. It is much lighter and folds in smaller..... If we had a staion-wagon/hatchback car getting in and out would not be a problem. But because we have smaller cars with smaller boots it is still fiddly to get in and out, even removing the wheels and what is worse is that I have real trouble lifting it. I am hoping they will allow me to keep it here to trial in case it is the best one. Maybe it just needs tweaking for me to sit more straighter etc.... but it did not come with the tools and I don't realy want to fiddle with it, so maybe she will come out from Tauranga to fiddle. 

And OMG I found out who one of the murderers are of the man at Kuirau Park, the 15 year old goes to my kids school and Chris knows him quite well. I hate living here in Rotorua it is so rough, and I am sick of all the crimes. One day we will leave this dump of a place. 

And also I have either today or tomorrow to do my video blog, may do it today when David is at Hamilton :)

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  1. It is better that you are finding these issues out with the chair whilst you have it on trial rather than getting stuck with something not suitable.