Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For the first time......

In months I have something to look forward to...... well since the bike accident back in May anyway, and what is it - the trip to Aussie of course...... last night we got prices for everything, yes I know it is a year away well actually longer as we are planning to fly out April 20th and back May 4th. That way it is school holidays and am hoping the kids will be responsible enough to look after the house lol... or they can go to Auckland to their dads, as it will be holidays. 
We have found an awesome 1 bedroom apartment in Surry Hills which has 100% positive feedback, think I will email them and get a quote and maybe book the apartment for that time as it is only 1 apartment, it is on the 6th floor and has lifts which I will need, they are a pretty good price to for that area. Everywhere I have put up pics of our last trip to Sydney so that I keep getting reminded why I am doing this..... well not everywhere, but my screensaver, the background on my ipad etc.... did i mention how excited I am, I have a goal. Also this gives me more incentive to get back to work, I will be going back to the supermarket at some stage (have to be positive), but I will only be doing casual work but that will suit me fine. this will mean if I am having a crap week I can do fewer shifts etc.... We will use public transport for the first 4 - 5 days going well (but again that will depend on where my CRPS is at that stage), then hire a car for longer day trips for the final week. 

I am so determined to lose this weight...... for the trip, I have 66 weeks and my goal is to lose 35 Kilos which is just under 600grams a week, any more will be the bonus. I am not sure where my CRPS will be but if I have to take the wheelchair then so be it..... but I know that losing some of this weight will also help with the walking....

Tracking has been right on track but did have to use some of my weekly points yesterday but hey thats what they are there for....

Today again not sure what will be happening, it is not looking great out there at least not heavy rain but is drizzling. 

Yay the scales are looking good, and also I have tentatively booked the accommodation, a deposit and confirmation does not need to paid until August so that will be plenty of time to confirm dates etc.... The place is called No. 58.  

Today we ended up going to Taupo, was lovely no rain.....
 Lake Taupo is a hell of a lot cleaner than Lake Rotorua.
 The Feelers playing at the Lake front. 
 The temporary Ice Skating Rink they have placed in Taupo.

 Had not been to Huka Falls for a while so stopped there on the way home. 

So another great day and tracked everything that went in my mouth, over points again today so hitting the weekly points, but hey I enjoyed it all :), especially the Vanilla and Coconut Thick Shake I had. 


  1. A holiday is a great motivator... I am sure you will lose that 35 kgs if you really, really want to.
    I know I do!
    30 - 35 is my goal THIS YEAR.
    Totally doable !

  2. Oh god you should have text me would loved to have had a catch up even if just to say hi..... Ice Rink is cool eh we love it. with all the rain the Huka Falls has been spectacular.