Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good and not so good......

Last night decided I would go for a 1k walk just wanted to see where I was pain wise etc..... ok it was more a wobble it took me like 17 minutes and my ankles yes both swelled up the left went huge have not seen it so big since I was at work..... and the back of my right ankle was really sore and still is this morning, obviously I am not ready for walking yet.... I am going to this walk once a month and see how and if my fitness levels improve.... I was so disappointed cause I was feeling so positive about it all. I had been thinking of doing a work trial at work but maybe I am not ready for that yet :(. My arms/wrists also were in much more pain......

Also don't think I will be getting my wheelchair this week, have not heard from them, I was so excited about going shopping at The Base in Hamilton on Saturday (it is the biggest shopping mall in NZ I think), so am feeling a bit down about it all today, I am not doing my Exercycle today ankles are still feeling a bit tender, and my wrists/arms/hands are not doing to well either. 

The good, is that I have a family that love me, I have 2 wonderful dogs that make me laugh, and even on days like yesterday and today when I am feeling down, I am not going to let the CRPS own me, I control it!!!!!

Well there has been a muck up with the wheelchair and it looks like it won't be here by Saturday, good thing I chased it up else it would have never arrived...... Oh and I am giving up Diet Coke am now drinking water so that does not make me a happy Hippygal either, going through the withdrawal symptoms. So all in all the day has been crap and what do I do resorts to food, amazing what you can find to eat when you have no junk food in the house. Any way weigh in tomorrow a new week begins and I will refocus.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the GP need to get the mobility form filled out and some new prescriptions.... Anyway catch you all tomorrow hopefully in a better mood.

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  1. 1 year already shivers that has gone so fast,tey try not to overdo things and RUSH the exercise but given the bike looks so darned relaxing it would be hard not to.