Friday, January 27, 2012

Guess what arrived out of the blue.......

Yesterday afternoon was happy minding my own business and main-freight  turn up with my wheelchair, lucky they had put it together at the shop to my specifications and all I had to do was wheel it out of the box. 

Then what became a mission was to fit it in the boot.... now my boot is small anyway after me struggling for a long time to fit it in came to the conclusion it was not going to work.... maybe it would fit in Davids car when he gets home no such luck again...... was in tears by this stage, till David asked if we could remove the back wheels I thought not, but anyway read the book again, and guess what they just easily clip off... so with the back wheels off it fits in our cars easy peasy and the wheels just clip back on, even I could do it by myself, also one hell of a lot lighter to lift in and out..... Anyway this one is on trial to me for about 5 days, all going well it will be mine to keep. Cant wait to give it a proper go on the weekend......

Today not much planned, have changed the Exercycle to 3 x 5 minutes lots, 2 will be done in the morning and 1 done early afternoon. Oh and jumped on the scales and they are down nearly a kilo now, I can not believe how easy this is, even yesterday when I got the munchies I ate some chicken and some salami and a bit if cheese throughout and was not missing the biscuits etc... I know the losses will not always be like this but what a good way to start....

David is up in Auckland today for work, left at 5.30am this morning..... 

This weekend is a long weekend for some of us, the kids are coming back on Monday, tomorrow David and I are going to give the wheelchair a go, probably down the lakefront and maybe in town a bit. 

Man I cannot believe school is back next week, the kids go back Thursday and Friday then another 3 day weekend. 

Today has been another successful day food wise, tonight I made the dish Blue Cheese Gratin and it was lovely. We had it with sausages, was yummy. This morning I had Black Pudding for breakfast, managed to find a low carb one, yes it had a bit of wheat flour in it but hardly anything. Been playing around a bit with the wheelchair, am going to get me some gloves for it, someone said to get some cycle fingerless gloves so will do.


  1. I'm so glad you got through another day :) Don't forget you can have a few nuts too... technically no peanuts but we have them. Just get a little dish so you don't have too many. Sometimes I make myself a little plate up of pickled onion, sundried tomato, salami, cheese etc and eat the lot (smallish plate).

    So that shop shut huh? Looks like it will be internet ordering for you. Have a good day.

  2. YAY for the arrival of your wheelchair - wishing you many happy hours of travel !!!

  3. yay, I am so glad your wheel chair arrived, I can well imagine how upset & frustrated you must have been when it would not fit in either of the cars, I am glad that was all sorted.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. At last the wheel chair has arrived:-)

  5. Well done to you!!!! Great to find new recipes to keep your interest in the food so that you don't get tempted to other foods. There are so many foods you can have that you should be able to feel satisfied. Keep going :)