Sunday, January 29, 2012

The best day ever..... ok in a long time anyway :)

Margie the reason I never got an electric wheelchair is that I can push myself around and once I get fitter I will be able to do a lot more.... also an electric wheelchair can not just in fit a car..... as for a scooter the same it can not fit in a car, so I would only be able to go around Rotorua. I have the Exercycle for my legs and the wheelchair for my arms now...... and I am sure it wont take long for me to be pushing myself a lot more, it was easier than I thought...... Not sure how David feels though as he had to push lol... anyway once I got over the initial holly hell I am in wheelchair, and started relaxing I had the most awesome day ever....... the wheelchair they have got me is a real easy one to push and is just over $3000 so not a cheap one at all. 

Oh and called into the bike shop closing down here in Rotorua and got some fingerless cycle gloves down from $50 to $20 for my chair to propel so I don't get blisters etc....

First of we went to Bayfair Mall at the Mount - as it is flat and we could both get used to the chair..... we went in heaps of shops looking at stuff, loved it. Saw my niece who I have not seen since our wedding.... the joys of teenagers doing their own thing now lol. We had Nando's for lunch, we had a 1/4 chicken and  shared a small bowl of chips between us but we left about half of the chips, something I would never normally do :)

We then went to the Mount Shops and did some street shopping, this was a bit of a learning curve for both of us as some of the streets were on an angle and stuff but all went well, we then walked to the cruise ship, ok David walked I relaxed..... and it was in the sun, normally I can not be in the sun for longer than 5 minutes but had my sunhat on and did not get ill...... 

We then stopped of at Bethlehem shops and had afternoon tea there, we had a slice each, yes I know it is not low carb but I was having such a wonderful day, actually the best part was I did not even really enjoy it.... Bethlehem happened to have a small market on, and as I was still feeling so good, we walked around that. Now there is no way I could ever have done this all without the chair...... I would have been a goner after the Mall and there would have been no way I could have seen as many shops as we did without the chair.

And the best part I cam home yes I was sore but not that bad that I could still manage to cook a basic low carb dinner. :), normally I would come home and collapse.....

Now I want to go out again today but have to remember David is the one pushing and better check how he is first lol.... maybe just a small walk by the lake today lol. 

Anyway some photos, the cruise ship was in:

Celebrity Century it was pretty big :).

The following are the markets at Bethlehem. 

I used to stilt walk as a kid, I remember dad made them for us.....

Anyway onto today David is sleeping so not sure what the day will bring :)

Well today we took the chair out for a walk on the lake front, it was so busy with all the Ragamuffin people still in town. We then went into town and found some more cool cycle gloves from Katmandu which I will pick up next week if they are still there, and they are 60% off so that makes then a normal price lol. 
We then went and had a drink at Robert Harris, and we each had a piece of quiche but left the pastry.  We also went to the lakefront market which was good so the wheelchair had a good blat. We then came home and fiddled with putting another pillow in the bum seat as I was getting a sore bum and one in the back part, if this works, when the physio rings who did the chair assessment I will ask her about extra cushions or I will just go and get some foam and cut it to fit, which I think will be a better and quicker option. I even wheeled myself a bit again, I am sure with practice and confidence I will soon be fine to wheel myself. 

Tonight for dinner we are having low carb tacos either wrapped up in lettuce leaves or I will make the LSA wrap. 

Kids come back tomorrow, need to get uniforms and school books, don't normally leave it this late but with them in Auckland a lot it sort of got left .... hope they still have some uniforms left else I am in the poo. Will get the books on the weekend when we know what electives they have got. 


  1. I'm so glad you had a good day!! Keep the "slice" to a minimum though and if you do chose something try to keep it as good as possible. It is interesting that the longer you do this the less you will actually crave/enjoy food like that.

    Have a good day.

  2. Yay Jackie! I so rapt for you! I have a wheelchair for when the pain is too much and I absolutely have to go somewhere, it can be a hard adjustment to be in it but the freedom it allows is worth it :) xox

  3. So glad to hear you had such a great day ! Sounds like it has helped your motivation as well - you sound so happy.

    Enjoy today whatever it brings.

  4. It's so great you got to have a lovely day out. Without so much pain!

  5. Jackie, I am so proud of you that I could cry!!!!!! I LOVE that you had quiche and left the pastry and that you had low carb wraps for dinner. Seriously you really will succeed not only with weight loss but with pain relief I am sure. You are doing so well. Don't expect miracles overnight but you will notice benefits I am sure.