Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday already......

Man where did the weekend go...... though I did not do much it still went quick, well I went to Hamilton and Sunday I did a bit spring cleaning.... when I say a bit I mean a bit.....

This morning am still quite sore and David is back at work and I have nothing to do except fold a couple of sheets and cook dinner.... oh and a bit of I will rest rest and rest, am also going to google some more low carb recipes. Speaking of low carb for now I am just going to focus on eliminating wheat from my life..... so no bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and whatever else has wheat in for now, will be reading a lot of labels over the next few weeks, well I learn what is low carb etc..... I will focus on the sugar when I get used to the not having wheat.

This week I will sort out my Uni stuff, like write up on my calendar when assignments are due etc....

Am hoping the wheelchair arrives this week, and maybe we can go out next Saturday to Taupo or the Mount. But not going to hold my breath on this one.

Have my hand therapist today and she is my old one has I had a temp one while my old one had surgery on her wrist, looking forward to catching up with her :)

Ok MargieAnne no potatoes don't have wheat in them but they are high carb lol. Ok so let me rephrase that I will not be eating potatoes, and foods with wheat in them happy now lol.

Been thinking about my food and I suppose I should say for now that I am cutting out anything with wheat in it and potatoes for now. I officially start tomorrow, why not now you ask, well because I have food with wheat in that I want to eat first, I can not afford to throw it out, it is now nearly all gone and tomorrow I start officially, I also get paid and can buy all the extras we need lol. David is off for a couple of days tomorrow and Wednesday so we will go grocery shopping and go from there, once I have got used to that, I will then look at sugar and I suppose then I can say I am low carb. And I know people say you don't need to track but I still will be tracking with WW just because I feel safe doing it that way :)

Thanks Lynda for the link, I will check it out later :)


  1. Hi. Looks like a better day but oh ---that cold wind.

    BTW do potatoes contain wheat? I didn't know that. lol *smiles*

    I am still eating potato but eventually will drop it replacing with kumera or pumpkin or carrots.

    I'm not a huge potato fan but it is a staple and I found going bread etc. free I needed some carbs. I'm gradually reducing the days I have potato. It's just happening this time. I don't seem to have the energy to say, 'this is the day I begin', but suddenly find that I'm doing it. I hardly ever think about coffee now and that is amazing.

    All the best for a day that works out well.


  2. Haha! A lot of people think potatoes aren't so good for us but the Irish lived on them for years ... perhaps that's not such a good example after all.

    I'm neutral except they are starch and that's not helpful to our weight loss and maybe I should make a better effort to go without if I want to get rid of muscle and bone pain too.

    Go well.

  3. Hi - I just listened to a great podcast about trouble losing weight and a doctor was answering questions - specific meds are mentioned etc and chronic inflammation etc like you would have. If you'd like to listen go to

    It is the first one with Jackie Eberstein. Obviously you can get these directly off iTunes - seach for Ask the low carb expert. I haven't listened to the second one but I bet it will be interesting for you - all about leptin (ie, why we keep putting on weight).

  4. If it makes you feel better to track then do but all that will make you do is obsess about food. Forget about how many points you are eating - you just can't track when you are eating higher fat!! As soon as you have a chunk of butter or something your points will go sky high. I have big hunks of cheese, loads or full cream, coconut oil, full fat bacon etc. Low carbing has nothing to do with calories and points and all to do with feeding your body good food.

    You have to trust the scientific side of this. It will not work low calorie. I have not counted one point or calorie the entire time I have done this - if you do it right your appetite will just diminish and you'll find it actually hard to eat as much.

    This HAS to be easy, that is the whole point.