Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday.... a new week but it sure don't feel like it!!!!

Today have no idea what we will be doing if anything...... at long last though we do have blue sky peeping through the clouds so that is a bonus. David has all of this week off, the kids are still in Auckland and probably will be till the weekend I think.

Yesterday am glad to say point wise I was perfect even with going out to lunch. 

Anyway thats it for now, will pop back later on through out the day :), oh and have added a slideshow to the right there.... just of our trips to Aussie, the wedding and a few odd and sods photos. I am also going to set one up with before photos and will add afters when I can see a loss, the photos are taken a few years back but they are roughly the same weight as to what I am now...

Before photos done down below the followers....

Note to self....... check the points of something before you eat it not after...... oh well.

Had a snooze today was really burning up today with the CRPS.... felt better after the sleep, think the last few days had caught up with me.

Day has been sunny and hot and guess what now it is pissing down just as we were going to sit outside and have dinner... thats a new rule we have made to sit at the table for dinner either inside or outside. So dinner ended up being inside :)
Chico loves the rain, spends heaps of time in it every chance she gets.....

 Look at me I don't need a bath now!!!!!
Anyway day all in all has been a success...... so roll on Day 3.


  1. Hi. I can't see any blue sky. lol At least it's cool and not muggy ... yet.

    Shopping this morning.

    Have you heard today's Christchurch news? 25 quakes since midnight.... no damage apparently but some would be scary.

    Blessings for 2012

  2. *peering out me window* BLUE SKY? Nope ... none here yet.

  3. Awww Chico is growing so fast.
    She will be feeling the heat, so the water will help her cool down.
    Both our dogs love the water.