Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new day......

Yesterday I stuffed up food wise, I know where I went wrong and somehow I have to solve the problem, it was boredom.... and because I had rested up I was not feeling to bad...... so somehow I will have to solve this problem when it arises again, and I know it will and will do especially when the kids are back at school. I stopped tracking at about 4pm.... but hey today is a new day and tracking it is.  Again the weather is crappy so not much planned, a few groceries this morning and that is about it for now. Hoping I get the phone-call today for delivery of the Exercycle, don't think the wheelchair will arrive this week bugga.... I hope it will be next week, then David and I can go for a days outing in the weekend.  This Sunday it will be our 1 year wedding anniversary, and next Monday will be David's birthday no gifts much rather put the money towards our Aussie trip which just happens to be 1 year. 3 months, 1 week and 3 days till our trip lol.....

Yay my bike is arriving Thursday morning, and I am getting a recumbant bike so much more comfortable......now just waiting on the wheelchair and my life will be sorted lol.... I wish - but I do know what having the bike here will make a huge difference.

Oh and food is back on track today, so that is good.... Wonder if I can still make the 600 gram loss this week with last nights binge.....not sure but will accept any loss.

Well today has been a success point wise am proud of that, cause normally one day off track would lead to a week of track..... Pain wise it seems to be getting worse.... I can not seem to do as much either, tonight after I cooked a basic dinner I was nearly vomiting from overdoing it, and all I had done all day was 1 load of washing....


  1. Hope you have a good day. Doesn't look like much of a day here either. Who stole the sun?

    I shouldn't say that. We had a fairly decent day yesterday.


  2. The main thing is to start again each time - good for you !

  3. Well done in getting back on track straight away..