Monday, January 9, 2012

A new week.....

And guess what just for something different it is raining..... What a bloody wet summer we have had so far. Today not much happening, probably a stay at home day and clean up and try and get more washing dry, the dryer has been getting a lot of use this month. Tracking is still going well, am pretty sure I will make my 600gm goal this week, anything over that is a bonus, hoping the Exercycle will come this week.... That will help with the weight loss. Today I think I will do some research on stuff we want to do in Sydney and get prices etc......

Look where the puppies love to sleep.... Chico can now jump on our bed....... I know we shouldn't but she now sleeps with us on our bed now at night, she is not a problem as she sleeps down the feet end....
Today is one of those days where I am wanting to eat so far am doing ok...... But struggling.

I know where I went wrong today, it was boredom..... That is something I am really going to have to focus on... So today I will write of but a lesson learnt.

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  1. Sorry I've been so bad with staying in touch. The last couple of months have been really hard as I go through my surgeries to improve my quality of life! My wife and I are thinking of going to Australia in 2013 because my brother in-law is moving there for two years to work with his company. They will be just outside Sydney. We plan to stay with them.

  2. I can't believe how much rain you've been having over there!

    Chico is such a big boy.