Thursday, January 12, 2012

No more sleeps..... and weigh in!!

Till my Exercycle arrives this morning at about 9am.... and the wheelchair should be here next week as she has put urgent on the order form, just have to hope the one they have ordered me is in stock..... so yay I cant wait till we can have a longer outing am so excited.  Last night I started back on the Gabapentin, slept really well but have woken up more dizzy this morning but thats ok for now, will increase it slowly.  Food yesterday was on track again yay.... weighed in and lost 800 grams so have lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks am very happy with that :). I have also gone down a point in daily points. Next week my goal is 600 grams loss, will be keeping a close eye on the scales with the meds, but also I will be adding the Exercycle so am hoping it will counteract the meds. Today I am aiming for 2 x 5 minutes on the Exercycle and go from there if I don't get a flare up then I will slowly increase it, eventually way down the line I would love to be doing 2 x 30 minutes a day. I am feeling so positive about WW this time round. 2012 is looking good, oh and sold a couple of things on Trade Me, and David has as well so we have a nice start in our Aussie account, it is not looking to bad for 1 week. It is so going to happen :). A good way to get motivated and sell things that are just sitting there and not being used. Oh it happens to be only 1 year, 3 months, 1 week and 1 day to our trip lol.  Anyway back later with a photo of my Exercycle. 

And here it is.... just did 5 minutes so lets hope I don't get a flare up, want to do another 5 minutes tonight, all going well :). Also have  heart monitor with it, but think I will wear my polar heart rate watch.... wont worry about that for a few days though. 
Did my 10 minutes on my bike, wore sneakers the first time - so not good my feet were burning, so 2nd time I wore jandals much better..... It is so comfy but boy I am so unfit. But god it felt good to actually be doing something.

Bugger felt sick as after the second bike ride, so will cut it down to once a day for now, building the time up to 30 minutes and go from there, I certainly don't want to feel like this after a bit of exercise.
Today food has been spot on again, I am so scared the meds will make me gain, but all I can do is monitor it for now.


  1. That is a nice looking recumbent bike. Your legs will be strong again in no time!

    It must be nice to get a start on your Aussie savings account.

  2. Great to hear the bike arrived and hope you make lots of use of it.

    Well done on the loss - good work !

    Have a great day !

  3. Yay! Congrats on your health improvements, I hope that the bike brings you more success and joy to come! x

  4. Gosh that bike looks comfy as almost relaxing!!!